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Packet Pickup & Expo Info

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

11 AM - 5 PM  Republic of Texas Triathlon Expo & Packet Pickup, at the Omni Bayfront Hotel
12 PM - 6 PMMandatory Bike Check-In at T1 and Run Bag Check-In at T2

Transition Area Format & Bike/Run Check-In

All events at the Republic of Texas Triathlon Festival will use a two transition area format. T1 (swim to bike) and T2 (bike to run) are in different locations approximately 0.5 miles apart. Participants will ride their bicycles during the event after the swim from T1 to T2, where they will begin the run. After packet pick-up on Saturday there is MANDATORY bike check-in and run bag drop. This will require a trip to T1 with your bike and a trip to T2 to drop your run bag. Please see the course maps for the locations of T1 and T2. Mandatory Bike and Run Bag check-in is at the following times:

Half, Intermediate, & Sprint Distance
Saturday 12 PM - 6 PM  Bike Check-In at T1 and Run Bag Check-In at T2
Saturday Bike and Run Bag Check-In is MANDATORY. There is no check-in on race day.

Run, Swim, and Dry Clothes Bags

Athletes will receive 3 bags along with their packet:

  • Run Gear Bag: This bag should be used to hold all of the items you will need when transitioning from the bike to the run. This typically includes running shoes, socks, hat/visor, sunglasses, and nutrition. This bag must be checked into T2 on the day prior to the event.
  • Bike Gear Bag: After the swim, all of your swim gear will be transported from T1 to T2, so that all of your belongings are in T2 after the race. Anything you wear during the swim that you will not take with you on the bike must be placed into the Bike Gear Bag after the swim. This typically includes goggle, swim cap, and a wetsuit.
  • Dry Clothes Bag: After the swim, all of your gear will be transported from T1 to T2, so that all of your belongings are in T2 after the race. Therefore, any clothes that you wore to the race site that you will not be using during the race must be placed into the Dry Clothes Bag. You must drop off your bag at the designated location outside T1 before heading to the swim start.

Packet Pickup Rules

This is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event. The following rules must be followed:
  • You will be required to show a photo ID and proof of USAT membership. Those not having proof of USAT membership will be required to purchase a 1-day license. There will not be computers there to print your proof, so please come prepared. USAT memberships will be available for purchase (one-day $12, annual $45, or youth annual $15).
  • You must pick up your packet in person during pickup hours. No exceptions.
  • The age group of a participant will be determined by age on Dec. 31 of the event year, not by age on race day. For example, if you turn 25 years old in July of 2013, you will race and be ranked in the 25-29 age group for the entire 2013 season.
  • Relay teams must come to the Expo together to pick up their packets and each team member must have a valid USAT license.

Republic of Texas Triathlon Health & Fitness Expo

The Expo will be held in conjunction with athlete packet pickup. Approximately 20 vendors will be presenting products, offering complimentary services, and hosting giveaways. The Expo is open to the public. Please click here for booth opportunities.